XMPP Academy #3 Video and Slides

We recently had our third XMPP Academy live online event. Thank you for all our customers who attended and for all the questions we received.

Here are the questions that were covered during that session:

  1. ejabberd questions:

    • How does Apple and Google Push support work on ejabberd SaaS and ejabberd Business Edition ? direct link – 1m20s
    • What is the relationship between ejabberd Push support and XEP-0357: Push Notifications ? direct link – 22m34s
  2. XMPP questions:

The full video recording of that session is now online and available for everyone to enjoy.

Please, send us your XMPP questions for the next event !

For those who just need access to the slides, they are on Slideshare:

And of course, do not hesitate to watch previous videos:
XMPP Academy #2 video
XMPP Academy #1 video

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