The new Push Mail for iPhone

Excellent, we can now spread the word : “You’ve Got Push”

PushMail for iPhone is now available on the App Store.

For years, we’ve heard and read a lot of complaints about the lack of a True Push E-mail experience on iOS. No real use of the notification center and the view in the lock screen.
Let’s take the Gmail example for instance:
  • Sparrow for iOS. It’s been some months that we’re listening about the lack of Push in Sparrow. After 10 minutes in the background, the Sparrow app is fully disconnected and it needs a service to wake it up. The only way to solve the question is to implement the Apple Push Notification service, APNs. Apple is giving no bypass… and remember that only one single app runs at a time due to battery concern. The benefit of implementing this service is the capability of receiving alerts in real-time. If you set up your Gmail in Sparrow, the outstanding feature is that your e-mail can be viewed instantly in the lock screen of your iPhone and mentioned also in the notification center. You open Sparrow only when it’s needed! Last but not least, if you’ve chosen to set up the Sparrow push in, now Kwaga, all your e-mails are fully re-routed to their servers but without Google-specific functions like the Priority Inbox. Due to our keep-alive IMAP IDLE connection, PushMail provides a True Push experience within your Priority Inbox. Moreover, you don’t want to give us your Gmail credentials, no problem, use our Gmail with OAuth to sign up. You’d grant us access to be connected to your e-mail inbox without giving us your Gmail credentials.
  • Gmail for iOS You’ve got the option of choosing directly Gmail as the service provider. However, your Gmail emails are fetched at a timed interval (15, 30 or 60 minutes). Even if you’ve chosen to set up a Gmail account as Exchange, your e-mails are also fetched, and even re-routed, at a smaller timed interval… That’s why we’re hearing “Push in near real time”. But it’s not a True Push Experience whereas Gmail provides its service in real time with the IMAP IDLE capability! Moreover iOS doesn’t provide the instant view in the lock screen…
  • Gmail app for iOS. You’ve got the “official app” provided by Google itself. The Gmail app is for heavy users with a single Gmail account. With PushMail, you’ve got the option to set up as many Gmail accounts as you like.
You can also add accounts as iCloud, Yahoo! Mail or even AOL or any email service provider with the advanced settings.
It’s dead simple, set up once and it’s done.
Today, our aim is to offer you the easiest way to deal with a True Push experience on your iPhone with Sparrow installed or not.
You can now use the app, we care about your push email.
Remember, you’ve got push… via @PushMail_app

5 thoughts on “The new Push Mail for iPhone

  1. Cool app! I’d like to have option of which email client to open (Sparrow or I don’t use Sparrow. Right now, interacting with the push notification just launches the “Push Mail” app but you can’t read the email.

    • Thank you, Greg.
      Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a URL scheme to open in read mode (you can only open it in mail compose mode, which makes it useless for PushMail).
      Let’s see if they improved that with iOS 6.

  2. Thx Greg, for your understanding PushMail is able to open mail-centric apps that provide open schema urls. Today only Sparrow could be opened directly from PushMail in the lockscreen or notification center when an email is selected. and are not providing this method :/- Push Mail provides you the ability to view instantly any pushed mail without having to open the app to check your inbox… is not providing that for instance. Hope this helps

  3. Dear sir/lady, I installed and configured, but looked there is no alert from my gmail after sending a couple of testing mails. Does something missing I have to config.??

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