Sea Beyond event summary

This thursday 17th of December, ProcessOne has held an event in Paris, France, around real-time communications. Here are the bits.

As announced and programmed, we held our event “Sea Beyond“, on this thursday 17th of december. It took place at Le Before, an art gallery in the center of Paris. Usually, we have snow on the french capital only once a year… And the weather chose that special day, to cover the streets with the white jacket.

We had almost 40 attendants during the whole day, either for the XMPP Sandbox part for developpers, or the Lighthouse part for presentations.

We had a wide range of people, from pure players to operators, including manufacturers and freelancers, and even the press. Let’s quote a few, like Nokia, Erlang Consulting, Yoono, af83, Ohm Force, StudiVZ, Meetic, Tandberg, Mozilla Foundation Europe, Orange, INRIA, Yoono, …

During this real-time communications event, there has been a real sandbox as well as a real (tiny) lighthouse. There was also real pizzas for lunch, as well as real Champagne at the end of the day.

The first part of the day should have been a hacking session, at least this was what we had planned. But people took a lot of interest into workshops about PubSub and the Jingle Nodes. People then talked to each other about real-time technologies, and the future of internet and telecom. We have demoed our products, like the OneTeam client that we hope to release soon, also our supervision console TeamLeader. Mathieu Barcikowski also demonstrated Yoono to some people.

Then we reorganized the room for the presentations. We started with the lightning talks, with Philippe Sultan from INRIA, Asterisk developer and book author, who has presented the Asterisk module for Jingle. Nicolas Vérité from ProcessOne Project Manager, then presented the Talkr.IM XMPP service soon to be launched. Jérôme Sautret, ProcessOne CTO, did a summary of Sea Beyond XMPP sandbox. And Mathieu Barcikowski from Yoono, finished the session by demonstrating to the whole audience this time, the Yoono Firefox extension.

The presentations started with Thiago Camargo from Nimbuzz, who introduced his concept of Jingle Nodes, a network of XMPP peers for relay and relay discovery. This presentation has impressed quite a lot of people: the technology, as well as the ease of the Thiago on these subjects. Christophe Romain from ProcessOne the detailed the PubSub use at BBC, for their LiveText over IP in their radios channels in the browser. The session has been closed by Mickaël Rémond from ProcessOne, who talked and demoed our alpha products implementing the Wave real-time communication system from Google.

Then we had a cocktail to conclude the day, with once again ver interesting and enriching talks.


We believe people enjoyed the all day. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Thank you to everyone who joined and helped made this event a big success!

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