Real-time Stack Issue #12

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Exception Management at the Heart of Artificial Intelligence Performance

Science fiction makes us dream about the promises of artificial intelligence, but it creates a mythology, which makes it difficult to understand the real issues at stake. Yet, there’s no magic ingredient in AI, but rather a lot of mathematics.

An AI Created New Doom Levels That Are as Fun as the Game’s Original Ones

The technical skills of programmer John Carmack helped create the 3D world of Doom, the first-person shooter that took over the world 25 years ago. But it was level designers like John Romero and American McGee that made the game fun to play.

Choosing the Right Platform for Real-time Chat Application Development: XMPP vs Firebase

With a variety of chat application frameworks available in the market, these are the two most advanced and high performing protocols: Firebase and XMPP. Here are their pros and cons.

How To use XMPP and I2P to Build Your Own Decentralized Messenger

Building decentralized messenger run by users instead of corporations is definitely not new but thanks to XMPP and I2P (Invisible Internet Protocol) it’s easier than ever before.

AI and the Augmentation Fallacy

The fundamental disruption introduced by AlphaZero’s hyperlearning in the chess world can teach business executives about AI. Many pundits, academics, and economists advise business executives on how artificial intelligence (AI) will augment human performance in the workplace.

XMPP Echo Bot

Do you know that situation, you really really need an XMPP echo bot, but you don’t have access to high-level tools like Python to write one? All you have is openssl, bash, dig, stdbuf and sed? Then this tool is for you. This is an XMPP echo bot written in (mostly) sed.

The Erlang Runtime System

The real goal with this book is to give you all the information, all the gory details, that you need in order to really understand the performance of your Erlang application.

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