Real-time Enterprise Issue #11

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France to build alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram due to foreign spying scare

According to a recent report, the French government is currently developing an end-to-end encrypted alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram that its officials could use without worrying about foreign spying.

BotChain wants to put bot-to-bot communication on the blockchain

Increasingly we are going to be having bots conducting business on a company’s behalf. As that happens, it is going to require a trust mechanism to ensure that bot-to-bot communication is legitimate.

How WhatsApp bot is helping redBus improve customer support

Case study: Many of users who booked a bus ticket on redBus in last few weeks would have received ticket details and lot more on WhatsApp. Some of them might have also conversed with redBus on WhatsApp.

Space communication is stuck in the dial-up age, which means it’s time for more lasers

In space, no one can hear you scream — because sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, but also because you would need some sort of radio relay to carry the message, what with the distances being so extreme.

Smartphones are killing the planet faster than anyone expected

Before you upgrade your next iPhone, you may want to consider a $29 battery instead. Not only will the choice save you money, it could help save the planet.

Red Hat and Microsoft bring OpenShift to Azure

At Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, Red Hat and Microsoft announced they were bringing Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes container orchestration platform, to Microsoft’s Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud.

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