ProcessOne is hiring: Go Backend Developer

There’s a new space to watch on our website – ProcessOne Careers! We are expanding and at the moment we have an exciting new job opportunity for a Go Backend Developer.

Go Backend Developer

ProcessOne is seeking an experienced Go backend developer to join our team in the heart of Paris. Coming from an Erlang and Elixir background, ProcessOne is ramping up its Go skills and team. Using your 3+ years of backend development experience you’ll build bulletproof, scalable, cutting-edge web services and real time streaming processing engine.

ProcessOne is working with high-profile customers, spread around the world, powering their realtime infrastructure. You will join our team of experts in distributed computing, high availability and high performance messaging to build critical piece of software.

You will work directly in a polyglot team, both in terms of programming languages and spoken languages, thanks to its international footprint. Our team loves programming languages like Go, Erlang, Elixir, Ocaml, Swift, Javascript/Typescript (for frontend) and is open-minded, always looking for the best tools for the job.

ProcessOne works both on its own products or for customers, but on fixed priced project, most of the time at ProcessOne office and always under direct management of ProcessOne tech team.

Apply Now!

You will work on:

  • Streaming components build in Go and relying on Kafka.
  • Web services providing management interface for our streaming services.
  • Help us prepare our future product, based on Go.

You will face challenges like:

  • Volume of data to handle,
  • Number of messages to process per second,
  • Number of users or connections,
  • Uptime that we have to provide,
  • Strict deadline culture.

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