ejabberd 17.09

ejabberd 17.09 is out! This release mostly contains bugfix and adds few improvements. New feature New mod_avatar module The purpose of the module is to cope with legacy and modern XMPP clients posting avatars. It automatically converts vCard based avatars (XEP-0153) to PEP based avatars (XEP-0084) and vice versa. Also, the module supports conversion between […]

Real-time Stack Issue #2

Here are the technology articles we found interesting in Issue #2. You can subscribe to this newsletter here. Riot/Web 0.12 is Released Riot developers announce another major update to Riot on Web & Desktop: v0.12 Run ejabberd as an Elixir Application Dependency It wasn’t so easy to make it works on OS X, so I […]

Server-to-Server Stream Management Support

Last week we presented the first ejabberd project that participated in this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC) through the BEAM Community. Now let’s look at the second one. This project aimed at implementing XEP-0198 for “Server-to-Server Stream Management Support” in ejabberd. It is developed by Anna Muharram, with Holger Weiß as the mentor. Reliability […]

Real-time Enterprise Issue #1

Here are the articles concerning business aspects of real-time enterprise we found interesting in Issue #1. To receive this newsletter straight in your inbox on the day it’s published, subscribe here. Welcome to the era of conversation! The Social Client offers a white paper on Messaging aimed to provide the keys to a connected customer […]

Let’s encrypt ejabberd

Back in May we announced that 2 ejabberd projects will participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC) through the BEAM Community. The summer has ended and now it’s time to see the results! Today we will look at the first ejabberd project, aimed at implementing ejabberd support for “Let’s Encrypt” ACME protocol. It […]

Real-time Stack Issue #1

At the end of June, ProcessOne introduced a new series of its newsletters: Real-time Stack, focused on all real-time technologies and Real-time Enterprise focused on business aspects of using real-time infrastructure. You can subscribe to these newsletters here. Here are the technology articles we found interesting in Issue #1: MQTT: The Nerve System of IoT […]

ejabberd 17.08

Happy summer with ejabberd 17.08 ! This release includes great improvements and new features. It also includes fixes and closes the biggest milestone about refactor we’ve made last couple of months. If you have issues with 17.04 or troubles using PEP, upgrade to 17.08 will fix most known issues. New features Introduce ‘hosts’ option The […]

ejabberd 17.07 bugfix release

ejabberd 17.07 includes an important security fix. Except this fix, the release is completely equivalent to 17.06. If you run any version from 17.03 to 17.06, it’s possible to consume all available ports regardless of ERL_MAX_PORTS. You should upgrade to 17.07 as soon as possible if you are running a public server. Please, note that […]

ejabberd 17.06

ejabberd 17.06 includes a lot of improvements over the previous 17.04 release. To name the most important ones: new caching system, Riak support for several modules and introduction of Certificate Manager. Certificate Manager is a feature that has been requested by many organisations, allowing administrators to manage their certificate more easily. From now, starting ejabberd […]

Introducing our Real-time Newsletters

If you have been subscribing our monthly XMPP Radar newsletter, you may have noticed that with every issue it covered a wider area of real-time communication. Apart from XMPP, it also took interest in MQTT, AMQP, many other tools and protocols, other topics like internet of things, and more business-oriented issues of adapting real-time technologies. […]