Riak and ejabberd in-depth explanation at Basho Advanced Erlang Workshop

As Basho just joined Advanced Erlang Initiative, we are joining forces to explain the implications, benefits and strength of ejabberd deployment with Riak (among other Riak talks, prepared by Basho team). During hands-on session, we will show what is possible when mixing two great Erlang products together, on December 9th, in London. You can learn […]

ejabberd 15.11: Simpler cluster setup

This new version of ejabberd improves the cluster management to make it simpler to use. It fixes issues some may have faced when setting cluster with ejabberd 15.09 and 15.10. Improvements The commands join_cluster and leave_cluster do not depend on external scripts anymore. This makes operation simpler from user perspective and more portable across systems. […]

XMPP Radar Newsletter #4

Welcome to the fourth issue of our newsletter. This month was very busy for XMPP development with several projects reaching important milestones. You can subscribe to the XMPP Radar newsletter and receive it in your inbox at the end of each month. Here are the links we found interesting in October: ProcessOne released ejabberd 15.10 […]

XMPP Academy #2 Video and Slides

We had last wednesday our second XMPP Academy live online event. Thank you for all our customers who attended and for all the questions we received. Here are the questions that were covered during that session: ejabberd questions: What are ejabberd backends ? What backends are available in ejabberd and how do they work ? […]

ejabberd 15.10: HTTP upload, metrics and performance

This month’s ejabberd release contains brand new features, performance optimisations, bugfixes and many other improvements. This release includes a brand new module to help with file transfer. In XMPP transferring files between users required users to be online at the same time. It all changed with XEP-0363 and it is now possible to share file […]

New talk added to Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop

You may remember the Advanced Erlang Initiative. You may also remember that back in August we announced an Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop that will take place on the 17th of November 2015 in Paris. Today we have more good news. We have just updated the ejabberd November workshop schedule with a new talk by Thomas […]

XMPP Academy #2: November 4th

Our second session of XMPP Academy is scheduled for the 4th of November. The goal of the XMPP Academy is to help developers get the big picture and get XMPP architecture and design tips from 15-years-experience XMPP experts.

Elixir Paris Meetup #3 Summary

After having been inactive for some time, Elixir Meetup reboot gathering happened last Tuesday in Paris. It gathered quite a large crowd of enthusiastic developers that came to exchange and learn about Elixir programming language. The talks were a good mix of highly advanced demos and good overview for newcomers. Arnaud Wetzel and Antoine Reyt […]

My GSoC 2015 project: push for XMPP

This is a guest post by Christian Ulrich, the author of mod_push and oshiya, an XEP-0357 compatible XMPP component. Christian is the first guest author on ProcessOne Blog. Starting with his article, we would like to open our blog to anyone who wants to share an interesting original post related to XMPP. If you are […]