Ejabberd available as a buildroot package

Johan Oudinet contributed a new ejabberd package in buildroot sponsored by Green Communications. Buildroot can generate any or all of a cross-compilation toolchain, a root filesystem, a kernel image and a boot loader image. The generated root filesystem contains a libc (uClibc, glib, eglibc or musl), busybox and some extra packages. Now buildroot allows to […]

ejabberd new documentation site, a community effort

A massive documentation effort It is well know that every developer in the world love writing docs :) Well, I am kidding, but still our goal is to have the most comprehensive and beautiful documentation possible for a project. Given the extremely powerful and numerous ejabberd features and the extensive scope of XMPP, I guess […]

Paris ejabberd meetup: February, 25th

Paris ejabberd first meetup will take place on the 25th of February, at ProcessOne office in Paris. You can register on the meetup on the following page: ejabberd Paris Meetup Jérôme Sautret will give a quick introduction to ejabberd modules development. Participants will introduce their work and use cases for ejabberd. We hope to see […]

ejabberd Community 15.02

ejabberd 15.02 is a major new release. We have added fixes as well as usual improvements. However, ejabberd 15.02 is mostly a major improvement in the way we are handling our release cycle. We are working with ejabberd community to expand and simplify the development of plugins. You can already find tens of plugins for […]

ejabberd joins the Elixir revolution

ejabberd has always been a key project for Erlang. When I talk to many of the developers that have learned Erlang in that past 10 years, they often thank us for ejabberd. “ejabberd is the main reason why I have learned Erlang”. That said, Erlang is not for everyone. Some people hate the syntax and […]