Elixir Sips: ejabberd with Elixir – Part 1

Elixir Sips is an Elixir screencast website providing great tutorials to learn Elixir but also to help you build extraordinary pieces of code quickly with Elixir. They produced a great series of videos on programming ejabberd with Elixir. Here is the material for the first part. We will publish more material on ProcessOne blog soon. […]

Easy installer and structure for ejabberd contributed modules

Ejabberd comes with a lot of modules, but sometimes you may need an unsupported feature from the official sources or maybe you need to write your own custom implementation for your very special needs. For many years, such contributed modules are stored on ejabberd-contrib repository. However, these modules required manual compilation. This means having Erlang/OTP […]

ejabberd and dependencies: major set of open source repositories

Since 2002, ejabberd established itself as a major Erlang project. People learn Erlang because of ejabberd. For this reason alone, ProcessOne is one of the major contributors in the open source Erlang community, along with Erlang OTP itself (heavy investment from Ericsson), Elixir mainly from Plataformatec, Riak from Basho, Cowboy from NineNines, ChicagoBoss and Zotonic.

ejabberd San Francisco Bay Area Meetup

We have a very large number of users in San Francisco Bay Area. ejabberd scalability and flexibility is a perfect fit for startup and we are proud to be powering realtime messaging in the Silicon Valley. As such we have been asked many time to host an event where people working on ejabberd, XMPP, Erlang […]

Ejabberd available as a buildroot package

Johan Oudinet contributed a new ejabberd package in buildroot sponsored by Green Communications. Buildroot can generate any or all of a cross-compilation toolchain, a root filesystem, a kernel image and a boot loader image. The generated root filesystem contains a libc (uClibc, glib, eglibc or musl), busybox and some extra packages. Now buildroot allows to […]

ejabberd new documentation site, a community effort

A massive documentation effort It is well know that every developer in the world love writing docs :) Well, I am kidding, but still our goal is to have the most comprehensive and beautiful documentation possible for a project. Given the extremely powerful and numerous ejabberd features and the extensive scope of XMPP, I guess […]