Building an OTP release for ejabberd with Elixir mix

ejabberd is an ubiquitous Erlang application that is widely available in Linux distributions. For that reason, it needs to rely on the de facto Linux build tools like autotools to make integration very easy for Linux and FreeBSD packagers. However, it does not mean that ejabberd does not play well with the standard Erlang release […]

Swift messaging with Cocoa Pods and XMPPFramework

This is an updated version of this post Oyez Oyez Oyez Swift lovers ! The new pod for XMPPFramework is finally ready ! You are just one pod install away of your next chat application client, in Swift ! The XMPPFramework Podspec was re-written to be fully compatible with Swift, check the full tutorial and […]

XMPP Radar Newsletter #2

As you may remember, last month we launched a newsletter about all things XMPP, called XMPP Radar. The goal of this newsletter is to inform readers about what has happened in the XMPP world each month. We are happy to present you the second issue of XMPP Radar, with interesting links from August. You can […]

Code As Craft Interview #2 – XWiki

Ludovic Dubost, XWiki founder, explains what he has learned in more than 10 years running his company. Mickaël and Ludovic discuss what it is like to be both a programmer and a founder. Ludovic discuss what you have to do to stay relevant in a quickly evolving and highly competitive environment.

Jose Valim interviews Mickaël Rémond on Elixir language integration in ejabberd

Here is a video interview from Jose Valim from Plataformatec about the integration of Elixir programming language as a standard way to write modules in ejabberd. ejabberd is an extremely extensible and versatile server. Using ejabberd API together with Elixir programming language expressivity certainly makes writing ejabberd modules easier. It opens ejabberd module development to […]

Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop Talks

We have started preparing our Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop that will take place on the 17th of november 2015 in Paris. The main focus of the workshop will be to showcase the use of ejabberd for broadcasting messages and alerts. The goal is to demonstrate that you can truly unlock the power of XMPP by […]

XMPP Radar Newsletter #1

As XMPP experts that love sharing lovely contents we found on the web relating to XMPP messaging protocol, we have decided to launch a monthly newsletter about “All things XMPP”, called XMPP Radar. The goal of the newsletter is to inform readers about what is happening in the XMPP world. Despite all the saying, XMPP […]