Jose Valim interviews Mickaël Rémond on Elixir language integration in ejabberd

Here is a video interview from Jose Valim from Plataformatec about the integration of Elixir programming language as a standard way to write modules in ejabberd. ejabberd is an extremely extensible and versatile server. Using ejabberd API together with Elixir programming language expressivity certainly makes writing ejabberd modules easier. It opens ejabberd module development to […]

Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop Talks

We have started preparing our Advanced Erlang ejabberd Workshop that will take place on the 17th of november 2015 in Paris. The main focus of the workshop will be to showcase the use of ejabberd for broadcasting messages and alerts. The goal is to demonstrate that you can truly unlock the power of XMPP by […]

XMPP Radar Newsletter #1

As XMPP experts that love sharing lovely contents we found on the web relating to XMPP messaging protocol, we have decided to launch a monthly newsletter about “All things XMPP”, called XMPP Radar. The goal of the newsletter is to inform readers about what is happening in the XMPP world. Despite all the saying, XMPP […]

ejabberd 15.07 installer supports Windows Server

If you already installed ejabberd 15.07 Windows installer but have post installation issue, you’d better give the updated installer a try. It is still ejabberd 15.07, so installer name does not change, but new package brings improved scripts. With few minor fixes, this installer now supports: – Windows Server 2008 and higher – Program Files […]

ejabberd 15.07 released: Summer Progress

This month’s ejabberd release contains many fixes and a few improvements. This is a consolidation release that help us pave the way to exciting new features coming at end of the summer. Since we released our Message Archive Management support in ejabberd 15.06, we have been impressed by how quickly our users did adopt this […]