Advanced Erlang Initiative

We are proud to be launching the Advanced Erlang Initiative, a new group of companies that use Erlang as a strategic technology to craft great products. Erlang ecosystems rely on those publishers that are producing person/years worth of code to build excellent products. The Advanced Erlang Initiative recognises that those products in turn contribute to […]

Apple increasing security of Push service ahead of WWDC

Apple is tightening its push service encryption Since this morning, Apple has been changing the setting of the push sandbox. This is generally good news, but it means that if your push notification system is written in Erlang, using Erlang stock SSL module, it will not work. If your are using Erlang SSL to send […]

ejabberd 15.04

ejabberd 15.04 keeps the project delivering new features and improvements at the same fast pace. The focus for this release is to consolidate and improve what was delivered in the previous release, and also to integrate contributions which had been critical for most deployments these days. New features We integrated usefull contributions around groupchat (mod_admin_extra […]

Paris ejabberd meetup #2 is tomorrow !

Our second Paris ejabberd meetup will take place tomorrow, april 15th, in ProcessOne office. We will talk about ejabberd latest features and share our vision for ejabberd future. You are also very welcome to join to introduce your project. You can register on Paris ejabberd Meetup page. See you there !

Embedding ejabberd into an Elixir Phoenix Web application

By combining Elixir powerful web framework with ejabberd realtime messaging platform, you can build extremely powerful applications. This tutorial will help you get started. Here is the screencast showing the whole process. Please read further for detailed step-by-step description and code. Create a Phoenix application The first step is to create your Phoenix application as […]

Elixir Sips: ejabberd with Elixir – Part 2

Elixir Sips is an Elixir screencast website providing great tutorials to learn Elixir but also to help you build extraordinary pieces of code quickly with Elixir. They produced a great series of videos on programming ejabberd with Elixir. In the first part of that tutorial, you have learned how to set up Elixir support in […]