ProcessOne ejabberd and Boxcar roadmap – SeaBeyond 2014 Video

Mickaël Rémond presents ProcessOne past product development and explains how it fits into a consistent long term vision about ejabberd, XMPP, push, mobile and realtime messaging in general. For ejabberd, focus is on two areas: – ejabberd Community continuous improvements and accelerating the collaboration with existing communities. – ejabberd SaaS turn key solution for robust, […]

ejabberd Community 14.12

We’re pleased to announce the last release of ejabberd for 2014 ! Thanks to contributors, this release includes great improvements and opens road to 2015. ejabberd Community 14.12 includes many bugfixes, and a few new features: – New module mod_client_state implements XEP-0352: Client State Indication – New module mod_fail2ban to ban IPs that show malicious […]