ejabberd joins the Elixir revolution

ejabberd has always been a key project for Erlang. When I talk to many of the developers that have learned Erlang in that past 10 years, they often thank us for ejabberd. “ejabberd is the main reason why I have learned Erlang”. That said, Erlang is not for everyone. Some people hate the syntax and […]

ProcessOne ejabberd and Boxcar roadmap – SeaBeyond 2014 Video

Mickaël Rémond presents ProcessOne past product development and explains how it fits into a consistent long term vision about ejabberd, XMPP, push, mobile and realtime messaging in general. For ejabberd, focus is on two areas: – ejabberd Community continuous improvements and accelerating the collaboration with existing communities. – ejabberd SaaS turn key solution for robust, […]

Developing for ejabberd SaaS – SeaBeyond 2014 video

Jérôme Sautret introduced what it is like to deploy ejabberd SaaS service and how it integrates with your own back-end. It happens this is the most advanced and scalable way to date to deploy an XMPP messaging service and it integrate directly with your own data. Enjoy ! https://youtu.be/7Iaodz1z_cQ?list=PLXeQZzENE-sLLBadoCaE8i7o_-Fx-WMvu