Build awesome Internet of Things with ProcessOne

You probably don’t know this, but ProcessOne has been delivering enterprise-grade solutions for device communication since before it was called the Internet of Things. IoT market is growing at a rapid pace, and by 2018 there will be more internet-connected devices than PCs, smartphones and tablets combined! But back in 2008, we already implemented production-ready […]

ejabberd 16.12 beta1

In 2016, we made several major code refactors and improvements on ejabberd. From Elixir support, to test suite and code clean up and modernization. After 16.09 which brings a lot of improvements, the last version for 2016 includes a big refactor we have been preparing for long time, and a couple of new features that […]

ejabberd 16.09

We are happy to introduce our new ejabberd release, ejabberd 16.09. As usual it includes many bug fixes and improvements. But most of all, it includes excellent student work done for Google Summer of Code program.

ejabberd 16.08

Welcome ejabberd summer release ! This new release is the culmination of several months of work to improve your experience using ejabberd. It contains as usual a lot of small bug fixes and some enhancements. However, this version contains some new major features: MUC/Sub Major clean-up and improvement on OAuth ReST API Database backend for […]