Moving away from Facebook

ProcessOne is a company deeply invested in building the Open Internet. We build ejabberd, a leading Open Source product, implementing the XMPP protocol, an IETF standard. It is used around the world to power tens of thousands of instances, used for community servers, small companies or huge internet services. We also support MQTT and SIP […]

Building a more Decentralized Web: Linking your Profiles Together

The Web is built by people. Authors are producing content that makes the web as it is. They write blog posts, microblog entries, share pictures and videos, etc. And people have typically profile pages to introduce themselves and showcase their work. Consolidating online activity profiles In the original vision of the web, the information sharing […]

Distributing prebuilt Go binaries on Github with Gox

Building command-line tools with Go is quite handy as it allows building standalone static binary. This is quite easy to build ready-to-use binaries for distribution. While working on my Data Portability Kit, I wanted to be able to produce ready-made binaries to make the tools more accessible. Anyone should be able to use the software […]

New Year Service Cleanup

After 11 years, we are going to sunset our free XMPP servers at and The shutdown will occur on Jan 14, 2019. Since a decade ago, we offered free, open source and fully featured XMPP services to promote federated messaging across the world. Today, instant messaging is as common as email. Although IM […]

ejabberd 18.12.1

This new ejabberd 18.12.1 is a bugfix release optimizing several components. With this holiday release we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to 2019 to keep delivering the world’s best real-time server. Changes Since ejabberd 18.12 you have an option to configure ejabberd to […]

Proxy protocol in ejabberd

This article describes how to configure HAProxy and ejabberd together. If you are using a proxy in front of ejabberd, the support for proxy protocol is a new feature allowing the XMPP server to know the real IP addresses of the connecting client instead of seeing just the IP used by the proxy server. The […]

ejabberd 18.12

This new ejabberd 18.12 release includes new major features, but also several improvements and bug fixes. New features XML Compression in message archive storage Message Archive Management is a very nice features of XMPP. It allows your users to store their message history directly on the XMPP server. It is pretty handy, but as the […]

Building Swift for Linux on Debian Stretch

Swift for Linux packages are officially provided for Ubuntu. If you want to run Swift on another Linux server flavor, you are on your own. Fortunately, building Swift on Linux is pretty straightforward once you know how to do it. Please, note that the build process is quite heavy and your likely need more than […]

Reading iOS Provisioning Profile in your Swift App

In this short post, I will describe how to a read provisioning profile from iOS mobile app to discover some apps metadata. The mobile provisioning profile is a file embedded by XCode when you build and package your application. It contains several pieces of information that can be useful for your app. For example, you […]