GMail Push finally comes to iPhones

Let’s talk about the “world’s most life-disrupting feature, push email notification” (thx to Rafe Needleman’s tweet…)

It’s really amazing how push relates to email. Each time, someone is briefly mentioning any email app, right away, the question is : “does it support push notification?”. To be honest, BlackBerry did an incredible marketing job by teaching us the power of being always notified in order not to miss any important incoming email. Or rather than the power, I must say the addiction of push email.

Today, very well-known apps are under pressure for this question of push : GMail, Sparrow or even official Apple mail app. And this becomes sometimes increasingly obsessional regarding “Push or not Push”.

To illustrate this addiction, let’s do a little search on Google or Twitter :
Google Search – 27 June 2012 : “GMail Push” – about 60,6 million results, “Sparrow Push” – about 6,13 million results and the big winner is “Apple Mail Push” with about 91 million results or even 134 million results for “Apple Push”. To give you an idea, the search for Barack Obama gives you only 61,2 million results!

Another idea is to present Google Trends’ graph over the last 12 months.

Look at the curve for “Sparrow Push” trend… it starts with the launch on the AppStore of Sparrow for iPhone, few words for those who don’t know Sparrow : “a Twitter-like email app”. Yes, Sparrow doesn’t still have push notification capability yet. The curse rises!

Here are some tweets of Sparrow users…

To put in context, we’re talking about all email notifications shown up in the iPhone or iPad Notification Center, next month also in Mac Lion, including banners and badges and the ability to enter straight to the right email in app, by tapping on the related notification on the lockscreen or on the banner.

But I just want to remind everybody that there is no intelligent priority-inbox email notification today proposed by GMail Push on iPhone or no announced Apple-like VIP incoming email notification “so you’ll never miss an important email from people that matter to you”. In fact, there is no real innovation behind Push Notification user experience given today. Let’s innovate quickly ! ProcessOne is working on it…

To get back on the news, after the launch of the latest update related by GMail Official Blog beginning of the week, it’s just a very big relief for all Gmail iPhone users! Gmail has suffered of this push-missing illness for 8 months.

Here are some tweets of more than happy GMail users after getting push notification in their favorite email app… Push email feature is viewed as “World’s most life-disrupting feature, push email notification”

So now part of it is done for GMail, let’s augment this feature to a true experience and why not built it for Sparrow… Stay tuned

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Credits: gmail_mailbox by rovlls

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