Gartner: XMPP becoming a universal standard

XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) has been under Gartner radar for years. However, during the past months, several signs of XMPP come of age have been found in Gartner research.

At end of november 2010, David Mario Smith published a good research document explaining that he was expecting XMPP to become the universal real time messaging protocol by 2015.

Gartner believes that, by 2015, these needs will drive the adoption of XMPP as the universal standard for near real-time communication — much as SMTP is the standard for e-mail. IT leaders in charge of collaboration and social software initiatives should learn what XMPP does, what the current state of adoption is and how to prepare for XMPP becoming the standard for interoperability and federation.

The Instant Messaging and Presence market scope (an equivalent of the magic quadrant for maturing markets) has been updated in october and ProcessOne has been covered in this research document among 10 other Instant Messaging companies. We are proud to be featured among larger companies like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Google. ProcessOne is the only pure XMPP player covered in this document.

The future looks indeed very bright for XMPP and ProcessOne, and the next few years will be busy making this vision happen, with more innovation in that space coming from ProcessOne.

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