New Facebook Messenger “Seen by X” indicator : Confidence vs. Privacy ?

Interesting the new Facebook move in favour of displaying whether or not you’ve seen the incoming message wihtin Facebook Messenger… Facebook Messenger is following Blackberry Messenger, BBM, in the disclosure of personal information with its well-known indicator “Message has been read”. I remind you that BBM is displaying 3 status : “Sent” (from app) , […]

Introducing the Upik app for iPhone and iPod Touch

We’ve created a new personalized push inbox for your iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ve understood that people want today is real time news. Right after we powered on our smartphone, we are immediately connected. We are calling that, to be instant-on. From waking up, taking a bus, waiting in line, eating for lunch, having a […]

ProcessOne webinar: XMPP-based Push Solutions

ProcessOne is holding a webinar about push solutions, based on XMPP and ejabberd. XMPP is widely used as a push protocol for sending alerts and messages. It is at the heart of Apple Push Notification Server (APNS), Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM), Nokia Notifications API and many other solutions like BBC radio notification system.

XMPP Glossary

XMPP is widely used these days, and is here to stay for a while. We have just published an XMPP glossary for you. Roster, JID, full JID or bare JID, BOSH, caps, component, C2S and S2S, MUC, federation, dialback, PubSub, service discovery, resource, priority, transport, stanza, IQ, spim, ICE/STUN/TURN, presence, Jingle, and… Jabber. Maybe most […]

Details on MSN’s XMPP server

Mickaël posted yesterday On MSN / Live Messenger adopting XMPP. Today, we’ll dig a little more in technical details. Here are some technical details and some explainations, as well as some questions. Microsoft’s public XMPP server Microsoft’s public XMPP server is located at: You can double check on IMtrends: Microsoft had been testing […]

OneTeam iOS for your organization

Apple has launched its App Store Volume Purchase program, for businesses and educational institutions. It enables you to buy the regular OneTeam for iOS for your employees and students, or a specially customized version for your organization (like out customized version OneTeam for Facebook or OneTeam for Gtalk).