Optimizing Erlang applications: emysql

Here at ProcessOne we are in the business of building and managing huge scale robust platforms. For our relaunch of the Boxcar platforms for mobile developers, we are sending notifications to mobile users on behalf of our customers. Millions of them. Be it APNS or GCM, the timely deliver of every one of them is […]

Scalable XMPP bots with erlang and exmpp, part II

In part I we focused on learning the basic of the exmpp API. In this second part we start to think about how one can use the the learned API to write and deploying XMPP components. The source code for this article can be downloaded from web_status.tar.gz. Introducing the bot The example that we will […]

Scalable XMPP bots with erlang and exmpp, part I

Introducing EXMPP In this series of articles we will introduce exmpp, the long awaited high-performance XMPP library for erlang, released by ProcessOne weeks ago. While doing so, we will learn how to use the library to build a highly scalable XMPP bot. As a library, exmpp is oriented towards high performance and low memory usage, […]