Building an XMPP iOS client in Swift 2

Following our patch that lead to the release of the updated XMPPFramework CocoaPods, then the Swift demo, we are proud to show you our XMPP Swift wrapper ! The goal was to be able to create a simple yet powerful messaging app, in a record time. With the power of CocoaPods and our Swift Wrapper, […]

Swift messaging with Cocoa Pods and XMPPFramework

This is an updated version of this post Oyez Oyez Oyez Swift lovers ! The new pod for XMPPFramework is finally ready ! You are just one pod install away of your next chat application client, in Swift ! The XMPPFramework Podspec was re-written to be fully compatible with Swift, check the full tutorial and […]

Building a simple chat client using XMPPFrameWork and Cocoapods

When it comes to building an XMPP client on iOS, one will immediately struggle with the lack of documentation and a complex setup involving tweaking files and laborious try’n fail attempts. Suffer no more ! Enter the world of cocoapod: you are just 2 words away of your next XMPP chat client. See more and […]