Toward hybrid Macbooks with Apple and Intel CPU?

Rumors have been growing lately on Apple moving away from Intel chip to build Macbook laptop running solely on their own Apple-made CPU by 2020. Intel stock dropped as a result of those speculations. As pointed out by John Gruber, the transition would be very difficult. The mythical Apple hybrid OS Other rumors point to […]

Developing a basic Swift Echo Server using Swift-NIO

Swift-NIO: a port of Netty I am not a Java or JVM type of developer. That’s probably one of the reasons I never felt the need to try Netty framework. I have been developing all my high-performance server code in Erlang, Elixir or Go and was happy with the tooling. However, Apple recently published Swift-NIO, […]

The Challenges of Building Real-Time Applications

Real-time is everywhere. Users are now expecting that applications can update and display pieces of information in real time. Whether you are building a chat application, a website, a mobile app, or a business application, users want to be notified, receive pushes (properly targeted), be able to react instantly and have the user interface always […]

Eve Online Chat is Moving to ejabberd

I am player at heart. I do not have time to play much, but since my young years, I have always been fascinated by gameplay mechanisms, to the point I am more interested in understanding the game design than by the act of playing the game. Even if I do not have much time to […]

Using TLS Authentication for your Go Kafka Client

If you want to access a Kafka server that have enabled TLS, you will need to be able to use certificate to connect from your Sarama / Go client. This article outlines the needed steps to configure it properly. Configuring your Kafka server to support authentication If you are managing your own Kafka service and […]