We are not an Erlang company

ProcessOne has made a mark on Erlang history, developing reference software in Erlang, providing strong Erlang expertise and helping grow the its ecosystem. Still, ProcessOne is much more than our Erlang fame. We are technology agnostic. We are great at selecting the right tool for the job to build innovative projects for our customers.

The concepts behind Swift UI: Introduction

SwiftUI is a new application framework from Apple that complements UIKit and AppKit. It is expected to be the future of UI definition on Apple platform, unifying GUI application writing using the same framework on all Apple platforms, from Apple Watch to iOS and MacOS.

ejabberd 19.08

We are pleased to announce ejabberd version 19.08. The main focus has been to further improve ease of use, consistency, performance, but also to start cleaning up our code base. As usual, we have kept on improving server performance and fixed several issues. New Features and improvements New authentication method using JWT tokens You can […]

GopherCon 2019 Highlights

I had the chance to attend once more the big main annual Go conference: Gophercon 2019. For the first time this year, location changed from Denver to San Diego. Ocean, mild climate and extraordinary venue for the party (on the USS Midway) contributed to a relax and friendly atmosphere. GopherCon is a social event Gophercon […]

Thoughts on Code Style in Library Design

Designing the API for an XMPP client I have been recently working on our Fluux XMPP library, a library that can be used to implement clients and server components in Go. XMPP protocol is flexible and contains many extensions. It can be daunting to get into XMPP so it’s very tempting to add new tools […]

ejabberd & Nintendo Switch NPNS

Last week, Taiyo Watanabe from Nintendo shared some insights about Nintendo Switch Push Notification infrastructure (NPNS) implementation. Here are some details from his presentation at ElixirFest conference. The Nintendo Switch NPNS is a large-scale realtime messaging service based on ejabberd. The game consoles are constantly connected to the infrastructure, listening for push notifications. So far, […]

ejabberd 19.05

We are pleased to announce ejabberd version 19.05. The main focus of this release has been to expand our MQTT stack with Websockets support, to power web based IoT platforms. We also have improved existing features, improved server performance and fixed several issues. New Features and improvements MQTT over Websocket ejabberd supports the Internet of […]

30th Anniversary of the Web: Understanding its Core Values

The Web was born 30 years ago. We all know that it has changed the world, even more deeply than smartphones. However, while it is time to celebrate it is also a good time to think about its future and how we can protect its core values. The Web was designed is universal, interoperable, open, […]