ejabberd 2.1 beta1 has been released for testing purposes

The first beta of the upcoming ejabberd-2.1.0 is available. Source tarballand binary installers (32 and 64 bits) for Mac, Linux ans Windows canbe downloaded here: http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.0-beta1/   All the new features and improvements are described in the releasenotes: http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.0-beta1/README.txt Don’t hesitate to test it and report problems to our bug tracker: https://support.process-one.net/ If all is […]

XMPP DevCon day 2

Quick summary of the second and last day of the XMPP DevCon. On this second day, participants have talked about file transfer. There is some incompatible different needs (streaming vs offline/MUC, web clients constraints, NAT…), so we’ve finally focused on a negotiation protocol that would allow clients to choose the right method. The next discussion […]

XMPP DevCon day 1

Quick report of the first day of the XMPP DevCon in Bruxelles. Today was the first of the two days XMPP DevCon at the Atlas hotel in Bruxelles, Belgium. Lots of interesting people were here and we even ran out of chairs in the room, which may be a sign of the growing interest in […]

ejabberd 1.1.4 released

A new ejabberd version, 1.1.4, has been published on ProcessOne’s web site. This is mainly a bugfix release. The binary installers have also been improved: all installers can now support SMP, and a new x86-64 (aka amd64) installer is available. Binary installers and source code are available for download here. Some of the bugs fixed […]

Resources for ejabberd modules developers

We have made available some resources useful to ejabberd modules developers. We have written a documentation on modules development, covering core modules API, events/hooks mechanism, IQ handling and route table mechanisms. This documentation is available on our wiki and will be completed progressively. Don’t hesitate to discuss about it directly on the associated Talk pages. […]

mod_log_chat published

mod_log_chat, a new module for ejabberd, has just been released. It is aimed at logging chat messages in text files, in plain text or HTML format. It creates one file for each discussion each day. It has been added in our ejabberd modules repository that can be retrieve with the following command : svn co […]

Horde Leader presentation at EUC06

Horde Leader is a Framework to Build Cluster Aware Erlang Web Administration Console. Here are the slides of the Horde Leader presentation at the 12th International Erlang/OTP User Conference in PDF format: horde_leader_euc_2006.pdf