ejabberd 2.1 vs 3.0 memory consumption

ejabberd is memory bound as session data is kept in RAM for each connected user. This means that available memory is the factor that limits the number of users an ejabberd node can handle. So memory usage was one of the main concern on the ejabberd 3 roadmap. We’re finally pleased to show some good […]

ejabberd 2.1.5 and exmpp 0.9.5 bugfix releases

We are pleased to announce the bugfix releases ejabberd 2.1.5 and exmpp 0.9.5. Regarding ejabberd 2.1.5: The main changes are: Erlang/OTP R12 support fixed Erlang/OTP R14A support added OpenSSL 0.9.8 or higher is required BOSH: New optional connection attribute process-delay C2S: Don’t ask for client certificate when using TLS C2S: Inform client that SSL session […]

ejabberd 2.1.4 and exmpp 0.9.4 bugfix releases

We are pleased to announce the bugfix releases ejabberd 2.1.4 and exmpp 0.9.4. Regarding ejabberd 2.1.4: Brief summary of changes:   Bounce messages when closing c2s session Bugfixes when handling Service Discovery to contacts Don’t send error stanza as reply to error stanza Don’t store blocked messages in offline queue Extauth: Optionally cache extauth users […]

[ANN] ejabberd 2.1.2 bugfix release

We are pleased to announce ejabberd 2.1.2, which contains several bugfixes over last month’s maintenance release. Brief summary of changes: Fix SASL PLAIN authentication message for RFC4616 compliance Fix support for old Erlang/OTP R10 and R11 If server start fails due to config file problem, display some lines and stop node PubSub and PEP: several […]

[ANN] exmpp 0.9.2 new release

We are pleased to announce a new release of exmpp. exmpp is a XMPP library written in Erlang and released under the Erlang Public License. It helps the development of XMPP entities by providing functions to build and interpret XML stanzas. Once compiled, check the generated HTML documentation. List of main changes since the previous […]

[ANN] ejabberd 2.1.1 bugfix release

We are pleased to announce the bugfix release ejabberd 2.1.1, which was published on the 17th of December. ejabberd 2.1.1 contains several important bugfixes over last month’s major release.  None of the fixes is critical, but you are encouraged to update if you are running ejabberd 2.1.0. Short list of bugfixes: Fix connection if starttls_required […]

ejabberd 2.1.0 finally released

ejabberd 2.1.0 is finally released, and it comes with an enormous list of 314 new features, improvements and bugfixes. It has been 21 months since the last major ejabberd release 2.0.0, and 8 months since 2.0.5. Very brief list of additions: Erlang/OTP R13 support HTTP-Bind (BOSH) optimization and clean-up LDAPS support MUC rooms can require […]

Announcing ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2

The second release candidate of ejabberd 2.1 has been published by ProcessOne. ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2 is available as source code as well as binary installers for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows from here: http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.0-rc2/. The readme text is here: http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.0-rc2/README.txt.   The list of changes in RC2 compared to RC1 are: Use queue to […]

Announcing ejabberd 2.1.0 beta2

ProcessOne has released the second beta of ejabberd 2.1.0.   It’s available at http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.0-beta2/ The changes between this second beta and previous one are: A STUN server has been added, see the ejabberd Guide for configuration details Updated many translation files: Chinese, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, […]