Are you desperate for Push Notification in your prefered app ?

More than a year ago, Fred Wilson, a renowned VC, was explaining in a blog post titled “mobile notifications, March 1, 2011” that game changer for an app would be mobile notifications.

Here we are, that’s exactly the point that needs to be fulfilled by all application providers today. These developers are only concerned about thinking and developing some awesome user experience, explaining how good their apps are, blogging, tweeting and more than anything else achieving the highest ranking among the leaderboard in application shops.

Why real-time notification pushed to the app is key ?

Today the primary way to get an info is, without doing anything, to receive push within mobile lock screen. The primary interaction with an app is to awake the interest of the end user. Unlocking push would let you enter right in the app at the info level. Most of the users won’t open frequently an app like Email, Facebook or Twitter but will just wait for info coming right away.  The paradigm is changing from pull to push : I won’t go to the info, the info would come to me.

Today, the new Sparrow 1.2 release is encountering this phenomena.


Most of the users are desperately asking for this capability, even when they don’t need it, because they are addicted to get email without having to check frequently. It’s the same for other apps but it depends on value added by the notification. Probably a Twitter DM, an eBay bid or a prospect email would not have the same value regarding how much we’re willing to pay !

Want push support in Sparrow for iPhone? You’re going to have to pay extra for it.Sparrow for iPhone — the third-party email client that has left Apple’s built-in Mail app […]

Credits: PUSH by Steve Snodgrass

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