Announcing ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2

The second release candidate of ejabberd 2.1 has been published by ProcessOne.

ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2 is available as source code as well as binary installers for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows from here:

The readme text is here:


The list of changes in RC2 compared to RC1 are:

  • Use queue to reduce quadratic time effort on selective receive.
  • Pack presences stored in C2S processes to reduce memory consumption.
  • Support gen_tcp send timeout to close the connection if the destination has disconnected ungracefully or cannot keep up with the rate at which we are sending data.
  • Pubsub node names are used verbatim, without separating by slash, unless a node plugin uses its own separator.
  • Many miscellaneous fixes and improvements in PubSub, PEP and Caps.
  • New general option max_fsm_queue.
  • New option backlog for ejabberd_listener to increase TCP backlog.
  • New mod_pubsub option max_items_node.
  • New CAPTCHA example script.
  • In default config, only local accounts can create rooms and pubsub nodes.
  • New Greek translation. Also updated Catalan and Polish.
  • Improve compilation in Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

The involved tickets can be browsed here: You can report problems by creating new tickets here:

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