Amazon Device Messaging API: Another Push Service

When Apple introduced its push notification service in june 2008 it was received as a very controversial feature. Despite the fact that notification had been at the very heart of RIM’s Blackberry success, it was at that time perceived as a way to workaround the inability of iOS to run applications in background.

Since that time however, push notification messaging systems have become ubiquitous and it is part of good application design practices to split between mobile and server-side processing.

Google launched its own push service for Android Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) in may 2010, replaced in june 2012 by Google Could Messaging.

Both Nokia and Microsoft also have their push notification services since 2010. Most notable missing players in the mobile push notification area were, up to now, Samsung and Amazon.

Amazon yesterday filled that gap, announcing dedicated push messaging system for Kindle Fire apps (in beta). This new service could be the missing piece leading to a possible upcoming smartphone device from Amazon.

Samsung can still use Google infrastructure for notifications, at least for a while, but how long before they need to become independent from Google for notifications ?

Here is a short video timeline of mobile Push Notification history:

Download timeline as large size image: Push Notification Services Timeline.

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