Proxy protocol in ejabberd

This article describes how to configure HAProxy and ejabberd together. If you are using a proxy in front of ejabberd, the support for proxy protocol is a new feature allowing the XMPP server to know the real IP addresses of the connecting client instead of seeing just the IP used by the proxy server. The […]

ejabberd 18.12

This new ejabberd 18.12 release includes new major features, but also several improvements and bug fixes. New features XML Compression in message archive storage Message Archive Management is a very nice features of XMPP. It allows your users to store their message history directly on the XMPP server. It is pretty handy, but as the […]

Building Swift for Linux on Debian Stretch

Swift for Linux packages are officially provided for Ubuntu. If you want to run Swift on another Linux server flavor, you are on your own. Fortunately, building Swift on Linux is pretty straightforward once you know how to do it. Please, note that the build process is quite heavy and your likely need more than […]

Reading iOS Provisioning Profile in your Swift App

In this short post, I will describe how to a read provisioning profile from iOS mobile app to discover some apps metadata. The mobile provisioning profile is a file embedded by XCode when you build and package your application. It contains several pieces of information that can be useful for your app. For example, you […]

What’s new in ejabberd Business Edition and ejabberd SaaS in October

We have been adding many improvements to ejabberd Business Edition and are rolling them out for new ejabberd SaaS customers in October. HTTP file transfer using S3 and Minio ejabberd Business Edition was previously supporting HTTP file transfer using Amazon AWS S3 backend. We now created and documented the process where our customers can host […]

RTB benchmark now supports MQTT

We are happy to announce that RTB now fully supports MQTT 3.1.1 and 5.0. With this addition, RTB is now a fully-featured real-time infrastructure benchmarking tool. RTB is capable of testing XMPP and MQTT solutions at the rate of millions of concurrent sessions. You can find RTB on GitHub. In the near future we plan […]

ProcessOne is hiring: Go Backend Developer

There’s a new space to watch on our website – ProcessOne Careers! We are expanding and at the moment we have an exciting new job opportunity for a Go Backend Developer. Go Backend Developer ProcessOne is seeking an experienced Go backend developer to join our team in the heart of Paris. Coming from an Erlang […]

ProcessOne is hiring: Javascript / Typescript Frontend Developer

There’s a new space to watch on our website – ProcessOne Careers! We are expanding and at the moment we have an exciting new job opportunity for a Javascript / Typescript Frontend Developer. Javascript / Typescript Frontend Developer ProcessOne is seeking an experienced Javascript / Typescript frontend developer to join our team in the heart […]

ejabberd 18.09

The summer holidays season is often a time of great inspiration. This year we used that opportunity to focus on important groundwork on ejabberd codebase. However, we also decided to work on making ejabberd more accessible to newcomers. For all these reasons, ejabberd is equally important for our growing community of users, for our customers, […]

Real-time Enterprise Issue #14

ProcessOne curates two monthly newsletters – tech-focused Real-time Stack and business-focused Real-time Enterprise. Here are the articles concerning business aspects of real-time enterprise we found interesting in Issue #14. To receive this newsletter straight in your inbox on the day it’s published, subscribe here. Companies are migrating to the cloud for the IoT Developers’ evolving […]