XMPP Radar Newsletter #1

As XMPP experts that love sharing lovely contents we found on the web relating to XMPP messaging protocol, we have decided to launch a monthly newsletter about “All things XMPP”, called XMPP Radar. The goal of the newsletter is to inform readers about what is happening in the XMPP world. Despite all the saying, XMPP […]

ejabberd 15.07 installer supports Windows Server

If you already installed ejabberd 15.07 Windows installer but have post installation issue, you’d better give the updated installer a try. It is still ejabberd 15.07, so installer name does not change, but new package brings improved scripts. With few minor fixes, this installer now supports: – Windows Server 2008 and higher – Program Files […]

ejabberd 15.07 released: Summer Progress

This month’s ejabberd release contains many fixes and a few improvements. This is a consolidation release that help us pave the way to exciting new features coming at end of the summer. Since we released our Message Archive Management support in ejabberd 15.06, we have been impressed by how quickly our users did adopt this […]

Growing programming languages, June 2015

Steve O’Grady published another edition of his great popularity study on programming languages: RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: June 2015. As usual, it is a very valuable piece. There are many take-away from this research. I will not go over Steve O’Grady findings, but what I found interesting is: Open Source and license matters. For two […]

Advanced Erlang Initiative

We are proud to be launching the Advanced Erlang Initiative, a new group of companies that use Erlang as a strategic technology to craft great products. Erlang ecosystems rely on those publishers that are producing person/years worth of code to build excellent products. The Advanced Erlang Initiative recognises that those products in turn contribute to […]

Apple increasing security of Push service ahead of WWDC

Apple is tightening its push service encryption Since this morning, Apple has been changing the setting of the push sandbox. This is generally good news, but it means that if your push notification system is written in Erlang, using Erlang stock SSL module, it will not work. If your are using Erlang SSL to send […]