For Apple Keynote, Push Mail for just $0.99

Some said “It’s now or never”… Us, we’re just saying now “you’ve got push at an affordable price!” for Apple Keynote scheduled next Tuesday. You would need push email ;) PushMail Alert will be $0.99 for 5 days from today, Friday to Tuesday, Apple Keynote. Then it’ll go up to $1.99 for 3 days from […]

The Apple / Google / Facebook Message War Starts Now

The battle is heating up again in the race to control mobile messaging. Several pure players have build a community in the past (Like Whatsapp, Kik, TextOne), but large internet players now want to be sure they control this communication channel very closely. This is a very addictive channel on which users tend to connect […]

GMail Push finally comes to iPhones

Let’s talk about the “world’s most life-disrupting feature, push email notification” (thx to Rafe Needleman’s tweet…) It’s really amazing how push relates to email. Each time, someone is briefly mentioning any email app, right away, the question is : “does it support push notification?”. To be honest, BlackBerry did an incredible marketing job by teaching […]