New Facebook Messenger “Seen by X” indicator : Confidence vs. Privacy ?

Interesting the new Facebook move in favour of displaying whether or not you’ve seen the incoming message wihtin Facebook Messenger… Facebook Messenger is following Blackberry Messenger, BBM, in the disclosure of personal information with its well-known indicator “Message has been read”. I remind you that BBM is displaying 3 status : “Sent” (from app) , […]

Push – Web Realtime showcase

Realtime on the web is now a core component of many websites and applications. As a provider of technologies that empower the realtime web, we would like to provide our readership with a showcase of the best use case for realtime web applications.

ProcessOne Push Platform powers French Presidential Election

We have launched in december 2011 ProcessOne Push Platform, whose goal is to make realtime information distribution widespread and affordable. This is a scalable platform that allows developers to send notifications to browsers, mobile and desktop in a straightforward way. This platform is already used by large customers in Europe pushing millions of messages per week.

Bytestream Proxy for file transfers on hosted.IM

We are pleased to announce the release of the Bytestream Proxy for our hosted.IM XMPP service. This is a server implementation of the XEP-0065 standard, used mainly for file transfers, when users are connected with their instant messaging clients behind a NAT or within a private network that prevents point to point communication between users.