Why did ProcessOne acquire Boxcar ?

As founder of ProcessOne, I’ve promoted since 10 years a vision made of real-time messages exchanged at an Internet scale. Together with ProcessOne team, we stayed true to that vision using the best technologies to make that ambition happen. Erlang is a dream environment to build fast and scalable real-time system. XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and […]

ejabberd 2.1 vs 3.0 PubSub processor usage

ejabberd’s PubSub implementation covers most of XEP-0060 specification. This involve some complexity server side, sometimes at cost of performances. So PubSub’s optimizations was one of the main concern on the ejabberd 3 roadmap. We’re finally pleased to show some good results on this side. This shows ejabberd processor usage while running a Tsung benchmark scenario, […]

Amazon Device Messaging API: Another Push Service

When Apple introduced its push notification service in june 2008 it was received as a very controversial feature. Despite the fact that notification had been at the very heart of RIM’s Blackberry success, it was at that time perceived as a way to workaround the inability of iOS to run applications in background. Since that […]

ejabberd 2.1 vs 3.0 memory consumption

ejabberd is memory bound as session data is kept in RAM for each connected user. This means that available memory is the factor that limits the number of users an ejabberd node can handle. So memory usage was one of the main concern on the ejabberd 3 roadmap. We’re finally pleased to show some good […]

Libon 2.0 uses ProcessOne to power smart messaging

This morning, on Twitter, the hashtag to follow was #LeShowHello. This link referenced the innovation event organized by Orange, one of the largest European mobile giant, owned by France Telecom. During this Orange Keynote, Orange CEO, Stephane Richard, revealed the launch of @Libon. Available today on iOS, within the AppStore, the app allows users to […]

Closed protocols come and go – ejabberd and XMPP remains – 10 years of success

We are pleased to celebrate ejabberd’s 10th anniversary! For ten years ejabberd remains a first class choice in instant messaging world. For seven years many customers trusted ProcessOne to support ejabberd and assist them to success. Thank you all, users, people from XMPP world and customers to make this adventure possible. Now, let’s open a new chapter of […]

ProcessOne à Mobile Monday "Maison connectée et communicante" du 22 Octobre

Le 59ème Mobile Monday se tiendra le 22 Octobre à Paris. ProcessOne sera présent à la Cantine, lundi soir prochain, afin d’échanger sur l’innovation que génère la “Maison connectée et communicante”. Cet évènement sera l’occasion de présenter les nouveaux usages que propose la Maison Intelligente, ou “Smart Home”, et les objets connectés de notre quotidien. […]