Whatsapp, Facebook, Erlang and realtime messaging: It all started with ejabberd

There has been a lot of buzz recently around Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook and the record price paid for the company. FastCompany’s Ainsley O’Connell wrote Inside Erlang, The Rare Programming Language Behind WhatsApp’s Success, giving some technical background around the story. As the founder of leading instant messaging technology provider developed in Erlang, I want […]

ejabberd Community 13.12

We are pleased to announce a new stable release of ejabberd, ejabberd Community 13.12. It has several bugfixes over the previous 13.10 release, and a few new features: New OpenSSL ciphers option in c2s, s2s and s2s_out mod_roster: new access rule to restrict roster modificartion mod_pubsub: support for data migration from mnesia to odbc ejabberd_xmlrpc […]

Switch ejabberd configuration to YAML

Ejabberd Community 13.10 supports YAML format for configuration file. Ejabberd newcomers were often frighten editing Erlang term file (ejabberd.cfg) and the YAML support is a way to help configuring ejabberd using a more familiar text format. It’s possible to convert ejabberd configuration to YAML using convert_to_yaml command from ejabberdctl. After installing ejabberd 13.10 from binary […]

ejabberd Community 13.10

We are pleased to announce a new stable release of ejabberd, ejabberd Community 13.10. It has some changes, several improvements and many bugfixes over the previous (not officially announced) 13.06. It is also the first official stable release of ejabberd Community after ejabberd 2.1.13. You are now pleased to use ejabberd community as reference for […]

Optimizing Erlang applications: emysql

Here at ProcessOne we are in the business of building and managing huge scale robust platforms. For our relaunch of the Boxcar platforms for mobile developers, we are sending notifications to mobile users on behalf of our customers. Millions of them. Be it APNS or GCM, the timely deliver of every one of them is […]

Google Cloud Messaging Update Boosted by XMPP

As you know, ProcessOne is about realtime messaging. Our core component is XMPP ejabberd scalable and ubiquitous server. We recently acquired Boxcar to use a familiar and popular brand for our large scale push notification service for mobile as well. From this perspective, Google’s huge update on its Cloud Messaging service is the biggest announcement […]

Google I/O 2013: Services, services, services

Today was the keynote of Google I/O developer conference. The keynote is usually the place where major announcements are made regarding the Google ecosystem. Despite impressive announcements, the most important thing that strikes me is not what has been released, but what has not been mentioned.