TextOne 4.0.0 released

We just released a new version of TextOne iOS messaging client. This is a version improving compliance with iOS 7 (and introduce a new and lighter design). It also improves networking stack and time to connect / retrieve messages. It also fixes a long standing crash issue on launch that could sometime happen. It can […]

ejabberd Community 14.07

Two months after the previous huge release, we are keeping the pace with a new feature packed version. We added major improvements regarding to SIP support, Carbon copy, stream management and added Riak as a new supported database. ejabberd Community 14.07 includes several improvements and many bugfixes over the previous 14.05 release: SIP SIP Outbound […]

Cardinality Estimation

In server world, we always need to maintain some metrics; We need to measure to improve. A very common one being “unique active user” per unit of time. While this is really easy to describe, it’s complex when it comes to implementation. Naive implementation logs all events (let say, user connection), either on memory or […]

A week at Apple WWDC – early thoughts

I have spent the past week in San Francisco at Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It was the richest and more energetic WWDC I have ever participated in. Apple announced a lot of new features that are going to benefit our XMPP and push platforms for iOS and our mobile software. But, as I still […]

Releasing Enhanced Security Debian AMI

We have decided to share with AWS community our basic linux platform. It is based on Debian and includes some security enhancements, that comes from integrating grsecurity into kernel. Previously i have released only kernel builds known as ESK kernel, now we are presenting whole Debian that includes following changes: ESK kernel 3.2.58 gradm 3.0 […]

ejabberd Community 14.05

ejabberd Community 14.05: the culmination of a year of change Before getting into technical details of version 14.05 changes, let’s summarize an amazing year of ejabberd development. Last year we made major changes in our development, release and support process. ejabberd now has two faces: ejabberd community is now improving at a very fast pace […]